Best Strategy Multiplayer Game by Supercell

Evolution of Smartphone makes the world very small and for ardent video game lovers, it is like a gift presented directly by the God. Many Android and Apple platform Games are rolling out every year but some of them have the capacity to sustain the growth and they have the special place in every video game lover’s phone. There are different genres of games rolls out in Android market but no other genre has come near to the strategy genre. This genre makes the people think and makes them addict towards the game. Some of them games are evolved as the mega hit.

Clash of Clan 2

Supercell is one of the leading providers of mobile games in the world. They are the providers of Clash of Clan game. It was first released for Apple users and later released in android world and it becomes the huge hit within the short year and it was the most downloaded game in Android market. It is a multiplayer strategy game every user joins or creates an alliance with other members and battled against another group of members to defend or capture a village. The first installment of this game is released way back and the users are looking for another updated version. Supercell recently announced that the second installment called as Clash of Clans 2 is going to be released soon.

Improvements and Features

The improvement is not big as expected but Supercell is the plan to just some updates like more areas and power powers like that and they are very satisfied with the first installment story so, they don’t think about a new version. But the recent rise of many similar strategy games like Casino Royale will make them think about the new version and as far as fans concern the new one is always welcome.


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