Importance of Steeping E-juices

Importance of Steeping E-juices

Steeping an e-juice is very necessary before it can be used in the e-cig or in the vaporizers. Well, this topic is a highly debated one as some vapers consider steeping is equally important for an e-juice as it helps in getting a better taste of the e-juice. They often claim that as an e-liquid is considered as a food product as it uses food grade flavorings it needs to be steeped.

Just like the wine is aged over years, similarly, a bottle of cheap e liquid is aged in order to achieve the desired tastes or the optimal flavor. In fact, with the additional steeping time, the flavors can greatly vary. Many people might consider why the manufacturers don’t sell the e-juices when they are ready. Well, the truth is that sometime the PG and especially the VG takes time, to properly soak up all the flavored molecules.

What Happens to the E-liquid when it is steeped?

All e-fluids are made of four ingredients: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), nicotine, and flavorings. Some e-juices incorporate pure distilled water and alcohol. The PG and the VG both acts as bases for the nicotine and flavorings, however PG snatches the flavorings rapidly, while VG, the thicker fluid sets aside opportunity to retain the flavors. Steeping just permits the chemicals/flavor to scatter all through the-juice at the atomic level.

How E-Juice is steeped?

In order to steep an e-juice, it needs to be placed in a cool dark place for several days, like 2-3 weeks. Alternatively, by opening the lid of the bottle and allowing it to breathe for few days. It can even take some more days to steep.

Whatever brand of cheap e-juice a person uses, it’s important to keep them away from the reach of children and pets while the steeping is done. It can be said that steeping can help in enhancing the flavor of the e-liquid in a much better way.


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